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The man formerly known as the creator of Ducky Wonderland, whose ornate and magical displays of animated duckies entertained "kids" of all ages for more than eight years has learned his lessons well. Duckitude, in Seattle, especially in West Seattle, is clearly for the birds. His new motto is "Grumpitude! When duckitude just isn't enough." He has embraced his inner grump and is trying to hit back as hard as he has been hit. It's not easy when the government, at every level, seems to exist for itself, and not for politically weak neighborhoods, whether treasured and one-of-a-kind, or not.

The Unsheepables? What are They?

[West Seattle Blog? Not even close. Proud to be a West Seattle outlier and mostly unsheepable (it’s only human to want to “belong”). My hope is to make this a destination for mindful thinkers and writers and, especially, for my … Continue reading

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What is a “daylighter”?

Not all unsheeps are daylighters.  A daylighter is a subset of unsheeps who not only diligently attempt to understand and analyze and not just automatically accept so-called conventional wisdom or purported truth but they also talk or write about what they discover.  This … Continue reading

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