We’ve Only Just Begun! (It Ain’t No Carpenters Song!) [updated August 13, 2013]

The mission of “The Unsheepables dot Com” is to post discussions of what it means to be a sheep or an unsheep, or some variable combination of both.  Among other things, it will be a place where unsheepables can moan and groan about being bullied and coerced by the sheep.   The bullying behavior of sheep (the majority of any tribe) is one of their favored modalities, allowing them to feel “good,” defend their needed structure and further their sense of power and superiority.

Unsheepables have only just begun to associate and learn how to fire each other up (or is that “pump you up”). Unsheepable types tend to be independent. Along with a high need for cognition, independence is a major contributor to their unsheepableness.

It is our premise that as independent as unsheepables seem to be, we think they can tolerate some comradery and sparring in a place like this, if for no other reason than to better prepare themselves for the real fights out there.

That’s my mission and I will cry if I want to… wait a minute. I think I am mixing up my songs.

More about The Unsheepables in due course. Ciao for now.

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