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You Wanna be Startin’ Somethin’!

Sometimes, those who are on the biggest missions take the biggest falls.  If you have any doubt that Michael Jackson was driven by an inner need and a mission to make indelible, larger-than-life statements, you would have to be a vegetable.  Whatever drove Michael, and whatever vulnerabilities he possessed, have no doubt been misunderstood and misdiagnosed many times.  Reliable data about the significant mindset and inner thoughts of such a person who is so driven to make big differences in the lives of humans is very hard to come by, especially if there is no consistent confidant in which they have confided who can later or concurrently let us know about the deeper truth.

When a dinosaur of lyrics and sound stomps on you at the end of a song like this, you know you are hearin’ something.

Lift Your Head Up High
And Scream Out To The World
I Know I Am Someone
And Let The Truth Unfurl
No One Can Hurt You Now
Because You Know What’s True
Yes, I Believe In Me
So You Believe In You
Help Me Sing It, Ma Ma Se,
Ma Ma Sa, Ma Ma Coo Sa
Ma Ma Se, Ma Ma Sa,
Ma Ma Coo Sa

Self-advocacy is so hard to do in the 21st Century mostly because not only does it take huge amounts of time to amass the correct knowledge base as an individual that is necessary to effectively question and change the reigning belief systems, but it also requires a completely rock-solid sense of self.  Why?  That’s a longer discussion, by far.  But, here’s one data point — you will be the subject of bullying from all angles because flock-masters and their sheep (read citizens with Stockholm syndrome en masse) don’t tolerate confusion very well.  Messing with someone’s highly structured life or belief systems based on their high needs for such simplicity and structure will get you in “trouble,” one way or another.

Thank you, Michael, for the song.  It recharges the truth-monster in me for the next mission.

My Biggest Daylighter Project So Far (Updated August 10, 2014)

The biggest daylighter project of my life has been and continues to be the research, writing, publication, and updating of my book whose first significant edition was its fourth one — Adult ADD Factbook — The Truth About Adult Attention Deficit Disorder Updated November 2011 ™. 

Now, there is a fifth edition which is the first significant update — Adult ADD Factbook Updated June 2013

The 2013 Edition was not published until June 2014 due to so many overwhelming tasks generated by what can only be called unforgivably irrational and unprofessional attacks on both my personal and professional lives.  Someday, I will give you the dirty details. 

At this time, the 2013 edition has a new ISBN, but I will be transferring it to the 2011 edition ISBN in the near future to prevent any confusion.


The 2011 Edition has been reviewed by many readers, including Chris Chandler, the very astute and wonderful author of the early 2011 book  The Science of ADHD — A Guide for Parents and Professionals. Patty Sutherland of ForeWard Clarion writes “In Adult ADD Factbook, Ron Sterling presents his paradigm-shifting ideas. He even suggests that the condition played a significant role in the rise of Western Hemisphere civilization. His confident and enthusiastic assertions make the book intellectually challenging and pleasurable (4 of 5 stars).”

Ms. Sutherland clearly got it correct when she used the term “condition” since, over and over again, I repeat the words “not a disorder any more than the non-ADD brain is a disorder — both have significant, but vastly different downsides.”

The ADD Activist Blog (Updated September 10, 2014)

In 2014, after finally getting my 2013 updated book published, I started to post blog entries at  ADD Activist Blog.  So far, I have posted one discussion which is a modification of a section from the 2013 updated book.  In it, I analyze the New York Times Editorial Board opinion piece published April 9, 2013, which endorsed a series of NYT articles authored mostly by Alan Schwarz. 

I had attempted to provide the NYT with information to help it more correctly understand how the scientific community might view those articles and the Board’s endorsement of them.  I also point out the glaring absence of a very important discussion in both the mainstream media and the scientific community with respect to the terms “asymptomatic” and “symptomatic,” as they apply to ADHD.

Click here to read more . . .

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